Two hour Health & Wellbeing Workshops

You can combine topics and build your own course. Let us know what you want and we will tell you how we can deliver!

  • Creating Balance – for those who always have something to keep them busy!
  • Workplace Stress Busting – for those who are dealing with pressure.
  • Restful Sleep – for those who would like to wake feeling refreshed and rested.
  • Tired of Being Tired – for those who would like to improve their energy levels.
  • Creating a Positive Future – for those looking to enhance their lives.
  • Posture and Exercise – for those who would like to feel and look great.

"Very good, much more useful than anticipated - less 'fancy feely' and more based on fact and science. I haven't read the handout yet - which is a good sign. Normally I get bored in courses and read ahead"–H.S, Countryside Agency

"It went very well indeed - most managers couldn't actually believe that time for them as individuals has actually been allocated. Events are usually focused entirely on improving performance & the morning had been entirely on employment law! Please pass on our thanks to Linda - the session was very well received"                                      –P.M, Hampshire Probation Service

"Linda's session was excellent, and I think everyone was really pleased to have a training session which addressed them as people rather than just as staff. Whilst all the things covered were certainly pertinent to Birkbeck life, I just wish she had come along a week earlier as I seem to have spent the last week or so agreeing to do things I'd rather not do"–Birkberk University