Re-energize your life

You need challenges in your life to keep you motivated and productive. However, when your challenges begin to exceed your ability to cope, the stress that this creates can start to affect your health, wellbeing and performance. Learning how to become more assertive and creating healthy habits to support your health will boost your energy levels and help you achieve a happier and more balance lifestyle.

This workshop will –

  • Help you bring balance back into your life and assess your current position.
  • Show you how stress drains your energy and contributes towards ill health.
  • Help you achieve a restful night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed.
  • Teach you quick and effective relaxation techniques to build into your daily routine.
  • Teach the principles and practice of guided visualization.
  • Help you become more assertive and use the power of positive thinking to enhance your self-esteem.
  • Allow you to create new healthy habits and transform your lifestyle.
  • Set your boundaries, priorities and goals for your new re-energized life.