Mental Health Wellbeing – the journey to balance and happiness

Helping staff look after their mental wellbeing brings benefits to both the individual and the business as a whole. With healthier relationships, more motivation, engagement and fewer days off sick, everyone is a winner! Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to talk about possible mental health issues in the workplace and even at home may not have the support they need. A trip to the doctor when things are starting to become difficult may result in a prescription of something to help them cope, but people are generally on their own again until things possibly get worst and more intervention and greater support is needed. But what happens in the void between these two stages? How can you help your staff, help themselves?

There are many types of mental health issues, but what many have in common is a lack of self-care. When people ignore what they need to create a healthier body and mind they often feel guilty about time they are not working, or not doing for other people. They can place themselves last on their ‘to do’ list and over time this saps their physical and mental reserves which makes everything harder. As change generally doesn’t happen overnight, the first step is acknowledging that there may actually be things that really do need to change before things can start to improve. Creating new healthy habits one step at a time will help to create greater balance both physically and mentally and help people ‘help themselves’ by identifying what needs to change for them to make their life work in a way that supports and nourishes them. As habits start to change, perspective often changes as well and helps carry you forward in your journey to balance and happiness.

The journey would invite people to look at –


  • Where you are now and consider the first steps you might take to help you achieve peace of mind.
  • How you can use mindfulness to give yourself ‘Brain Breaks’ and create calm in both your mind and body.
  • Resilience

  • Learn how sleep, exercise, quality relaxations and some fun can transform your mental wellbeing for the better.
  • Learn the perfect fuel your body needs to operate efficiently both physically and mentally.
  • Performance

  • Creating an effective work/life balance that will create more time for you.
  • Stepping into your power to acknowledge what you need to flourish and create your plan to achieve this.
  • This programme can be delivered in a variety of formats, but ideally it would allow time between each session to allow people time to integrate and practice new ideas and techniques. As new habits are formed and a healthier lifestyle and outlook are developed a person’s perspective can start to change and help them become more receptive to challenges and change that they may once have shied away from.