Detox Treatment

The colon is probably the single most important organ for your health and energy. Your colonic muscles are essential for proper and healthy elimination of toxic waste matter from your body. Without this, you are likely to be re-absorbing toxins into your body and damaging your immune system, your energy and your health. In one study of New York colons (post-mortem), it was found that over 90% of the population had poorly functioning colons!

IBS, lower back ache, low energy, headaches and allergies can all be caused by a sluggish colon (autointoxication). This situation can be created in a number of ways:-

  • Stress can play havoc with your digestive system as it shifts blood away from your digestive system to fuel your fight or flight response. Whilst you remain in a state of stress the whole of your digestive function slows down until you find time to relax and let the blood flow return to normal. Many also ‘hold’ tension in their belly and this emotional factor can also play a major role in upsetting the digestive process.
  • Poor diet, dehydration and lack of the correct oils can create bowel imbalances and affect food transit times. In order to function efficiently your digestive system needs sufficient fibre, water and oil to bulk out the contents of the gut and allow it to flow freely.
  • Wheat, dairy and sugar are foods that occur in our diet on a very regular basis and can cause inflammation in your digestive tract, possibly leading food intolerance. This in turn can lead to skin conditions and in the longer term a variety of chronic disorders.
  • Antibiotics are indiscriminate and will kill all bacteria in your body including your beneficial gut flora. Many of these beneficial flora are involved in the breakdown and absorption of essential nutrients, so in addition to affecting us nutritionally, antibiotics can also allow the overgrowth of less beneficial gut flora such as yeast.

How can I help?

Massage of the colon walls through the belly is probably one of the oldest and most effective non–invasive ways to bring this organ into balance. This gentle Massage can bring very rapid relief to these symptoms as it addresses their cause. Colon Massage is a deep but gentle way to bring these muscles back to proper functioning – naturally. Gentle pressure is applied through the abdomen and with your constant feedback you remain totally in control throughout the treatment. This is combined with the working of specific reflex points in your feet to stimulate your body’s own natural instinct to de-toxify and cleanse itself.

You will also learn a self-massage technique for your colon and digestive system. It will take just 15 minutes each day and boost the effects of the treatment. You might also consider a nutritional consultation when you first visit to make useful dietary changes at the same time.