On-Site Therapies

Providing massage in the workplace is effective in reducing stress and easing tension, GOOD for the individual and GOOD for business.
No oils are used and clothes do not need to be removed.
All treatments take place on a specially designed massage chair that can easily fit into the corner of an office space.

Massage for Headaches, Migraines and Sinusitis

Massage to the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. The treatment will include the use of pressure points, trigger points and muscle energy techniques.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Chair Massage

Works deeply but comfortably through your clothing to help you release tension, recharge and rejuvenate. Designed to unlock tightness and imbalance in your back and shoulders and help you stand taller and straighter.

Acupressure Massage

Finger and elbow pressure is used to stimulate the pressure points that an Acupuncturist would use. In conjunction with a series of stretches, this is an effective method to help your body release blockages and help you achieve better balance.

Indian Head Massage

This is a deeply relaxing treatment for your shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It will melt away your tension and calm your mind. No oils are used


Is an ancient form of healing for the mind, body and spirit. It will help to balance your energy levels and leave you with a wonderful sense of inner calm.


Many of my clients have found that just taking 20 minutes out of their working day each month has been a great way for them to reduce their stress levels and release muscle tension.
Ultimately everyone wins. Staff loyalty improves, absenteeism is reduced and productivity increases along with efficiency!
You can arrange for me to visit on a regular basis to offer your staff the On-site facility which they pay for themselves or you may decide to partially or fully subsidize the service. By acting as the On-site co-ordinator for your comapny you could also qualify for your own free or greatly discounted treatment depending on the number of bookings arranged and completed in any one day.
I charge £15 for a 20min treatment, but can vary the length of treatment to suit your needs.
Clients include – Which, Longmores Solicitors, Aon, Canada Life, Tesco, Bottomline, Henkel.

Previously I suffered regularly with aches, stiffness and pains in my shoulder and neck. Since benefiting from a monthly massage I have found that I have little or no pain in this area now with improved mobilization. In fact during my last consultation with my doctor, who has been treating me for this condition, he has advised I continue as this seems to be working for me–T.D, Which

I'm a big fan and now long-term user of your service here at the office. As an employer, I really like the fact that the people here can have the benefit of your service during work time.–A.B, Longmore Solicitors

Regular massage benefits me in 2 ways 1. I had been suffering with lower back ache for a while. Acupressure massage cured it 2. It is also wonderfully relaxing–C.G, Which

I find that a monthly massage not only relaxes me and releases stress, but also helps unknot all the muscles that have seized up over the working month.–C.V, Longmore Solicitors

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