Subconscious Emotional Release Therapy

There are generally three responses to stress. The first is to engage and fight the source of danger or distress, the second is to run away and distance yourself from it and the third response is simply to freeze. How many times have you been silent and still whist inside you are raging with anger, fearful or grief stricken?

E-motion = energy in motion. Emotions have an energetic charge and flow in and around our bodies. When they are powerful enough they can also be contagious. I am sure you can remember being with another person who was maybe feeling angry, stressed or very happy and you were affected by their mood.

When you enter the freeze response instead of acting on or expressing the emotional charge of the situation, that energetic charge is absorbed into your body, held in or bottled up until there is a safe or appropriate time to ‘let it go’. If you watch animals that are stressed they will often shake the energy out spend time resting to allow the energy to slowly dissipate. As humans we generally tend to just get on with it or try to forget that it happened, but then it just gets buried deep inside our body and subconscious mind. We forget that it is there and then wonder why sometimes we react to certain situations or people so strongly. How is it that these situations and people can ‘press our buttons’ like that? They are actually trigging these buried emotions that are making you extra sensitive.

Over time these buried emotions can also trigger and manifest as physical pain or dis-ease. As there is often no logical link between the supressed emotion and the pain/ilnness you may be suffering, the path to release and healing can be hard to find. There is also the added problem that these emotions have been buried for a reason and until it is safe to identify and release them they will stay hidden away.

With Subconscious Emotional Release Therapy I will be using Kinesiology or Dowsing to access any unconscious patterns that are ready to be released and healed.

We are all different and not two sessions will be the same. Some people are able to tune into their subconscious mind fairly easily and the process of release can be swift. With others it may take more time to build a level of trust and understanding of the process before your body is willing to give up the secrets it buried. You will not have to relive the situation, you will just pulling the emotional memory from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind where it can be safely released. The memories uncovered may seem irrelevant to your life now, but when they were experienced they were real and that is what we are looking to release and heal.

I have worked extensively on myself and many other people and I will not be looking to judge anything that might be released or revealed. The work is carried out in complete confidentiality and with the upmost compassion and healing.

If you are unable to come along and see me in person, we can arrange to run your session over the phone or via Zoom.



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