Body Whisper – Energetic Body Release

Over the years your body learns to cope with the stresses and strains of life and often becomes unbalanced as a result.

Emotions that are not adequately expressed can be unconsciously suppressed and over time they can lead to compensations physically that can ultimately lead pain and discomfort. Think of some of the sayings we have “They have the weight of the world on their shoulders”, “He really got my back up”, “I went weak at the knees”, “I just froze”. Sometimes, when you experience strong emotions and do not have the time to process them, the energy of that emotion can become trapped in your body. It might be that it wasn’t appropriate at the time of the event time for you to express how you felt, so you suppressed it until it was safe to do so or in the hope that it would just dissipate of its own accord over time. Most of the time it does, but occasionally your emotions can become trapped and will be held in place until you can safely release them. When this release doesn’t happen, it can lead to pain, discomfort and confusion as to what might have caused the problem in the first place.
When a safe environment is created for you to relax in those old emotions can be set free. You don’t have to relive the experience again and do not have to express the emotions either. You simply need to identify and acknowledge what you have suppressed and consciously let it go. I am with you all the way and you can share your story with me or keep it to yourself, I am there to guide you gently and safely through the process. 
“After 20 years of pain and discomfort from breaking my back, the treatment I received with ‘Energetic Body Release’ has gradually has made such a difference to my life. I am now pain free and able to do many things such as gardening and exercise that I had long given up” Gloria


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